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Selfision is a fast and easy way to find out how people see you, to discover yourself and connect with new people. You can upload photos with tags you attach and discover how others perceive you based on the results. You can analyze individual tags and see who have voted on your photos, create your network in Selfision and start a conversation with a person when you follow each other.

Selfision was born with a simple question: how might we create a platform where people can easily and objectively get an outside view about themselves? or more simply, what do others think about me?

Everyone has an admirable feature, some people are clever, some are beautiful, joyful, athletic..etc. Unfortunately it is very hard to hear these things in our daily lives. Everyday, all we hear, all we experience is negativity. Why see that negativity in Selfision? we asked and decided to spread positive vibrations in Selfision regarding the attributes people can attach to their photographs.


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How might we create a platform where people can easily and objectively get an outside view about themselves?

A self-portrait, attached with predefined attributes are uploaded into a public pool and the users in the system would share their opinions about these (A / B / C / D / Skip). At any point, the content provider could end the voting process and collect the results. Based on these results, she may honor selected users for their opinion and get in touch, to further the conversation that started with a question and answer. Or she can just understand what others think about her – based on the image being uploaded – and get a clearer picture of how others perceive her.

Selfision Mobile Application

From the beginning of the project, our main constraint was creating a service where the users would feel safe – emotionally and socially. As in every service where multiple users are involved and interact with each other directly, the privacy of the users and the routes to connect and communicate in this application had been thought through carefully. There have to be ways that users can touch each other “as long as both sides want that”. The author of the question (the user who uploads a photo and ask for other peoples opinions) had to be empowered so that she is in control of her existence in the system and feel safe. The author asks her question with the four tags in mind, and based on the feedback, she may choose to connect with other users. Users may also choose to be anonymous so that they are not reachable as long as they don’t want.

Selfision Mobile Application

Our goal in the production phase was to reach to the users and get their feedback as soon as possible. Through focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and user testing sessions, we had a chance to get opinions from the actual users. Based on the feedbacks and numerous iterations, we are still improving the overall experience of the application step by step both conceptually and technically. You can find more information and new iterations about Selfision on the application website.


This project is being developed for istaleo, with Alis Design, X-Sights Research and Consultancy, Mohac Bilecen, Mert Özde Çankaya and Ahmet Menteş.

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