The Velux Frame and Share Your View platform are two concepts developed for Danish window company VELUX for the near future. As the population of planet Earth is becoming more urban than rural, we are losing our view of the horizon bit by bit. On urban environments, the buildings surround the inhabitants and usually there is no escape from this view. The only escape is up, the sky. Urban citizens still share the same sky with those in rural areas. The concepts developed for VELUX focus on bringing the attention back to the ‘sky’ that we all share while searching for possible research areas for the company.


Concept Design
Interaction Design



Velux Frame Concept

The distinction between city and countryside disappears when you change your view from horizontal to vertical.

The Velux Frame is a portable device inspired by Velux home windows. Through the frame, users can browse, create and share their views on the sky and co-create on each others’ work. The concept is a result of the inspiration coming up from childhood memories of lying down on the grass with friends, looking up at the clouds and imagining animals, objects, faces..

Velux Frame Concept
Velux Frame Concept
Velux Frame Concept
Velux Frame Concept


The second project, Share Your View is an information-sharing platform to inspire urban citizens to look up at the sky more often and remember to connect with nature.

People take photos of the sky, upload them to the movement website. The more photos are uploaded, the more abundant a sky map we have. Eventually, we will have a sky map as splendid as a land map. The movement gives citizens a way to admire, frame, share and appreciate nature through Velux.

Velux Share Your View


Velux Frame and Share Your View has been designed and conceptualized together with Mette Rene Lyckegaard and Wan-Ting Liao at CIID for Velux Industry Project taught by James Tichenor and Joshua Walton from Rockwell Group NYC.

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